Sunday, November 13, 2011

Club Reports: Grills Tiki Bar, Club V (Port Canaveral)

Space Coast on a Saturday night; specifically Port Canaveral. Grills Tiki Bar is one of several venues along the port channel that are part restaurant and part beach bar. Along with Milliken's Reef, Fishlips and several others, they make up The Cove party/dining section of the port.

Unsure if that's a violin or a fiddle, but people were dancing to it!

The cool thing here though is watching the parade of cruise ships heading out to sea beginning at 4pm!

OK, on to the reason for being here.....Club V aboard the new Victory Casino Cruise ship. Pretty much the entire Deck 4 is night club featuring DJ's on weekend nights and bigger name DJ's once per month!

Anti-Pop was on the boards during this shot; the third DJ of the night as people played Poker, Craps, Roulette and Slots elsewhere on the ship as we sailed in international waters.

The dance floor pretty much always had people on it but it never got crowded until the headliner came on!

DJ Baby Anne!!

And for the next 2+ hours it stayed jammed!

The ocean had a light chop last night so movement on the floor was both deliberate and at times involuntary! But it didn't effect the music.


As we sailed back into port, DJ Shal (Bass Brothers,Suite B Lounge ) took over the final shift. The club remains open until 2am even though docking takes place much earlier.

Dance leader became dancer after the shift change!

And a good time was had by all.


Adam said...

A violin and fiddle are the same thing! ;)

Well actually, the difference between a violin and a fiddle is that you don't spill beer on a violin, but besides that...

Anonymous said...

That last picture is a classic.

KingBob said...

Adam, great information; thanks for clearing that up for me! Anon, most definitely!