Sunday, November 6, 2011

Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, Terrace 390, Independent Bar

Yes, this is an odd place to begin a night of clubbing; Bikkuri Sushi on Colonial Drive. But upstairs between the raw fish and seaweed is Bikkuri Lounge and it's totally unexpected!
The first and third Saturdays each month is Lost In Trancelation, a continuing series of nights dedicated to the Orlando Trance scene.  DJ's David Baez and Destin McMahon are the Paradox Brothers, pumping out both vocal and non-vocal Trance!
A steady flow of people were coming in during my early visit including these few dancers. It's actually a lot darker in there than this flash photo would led you to believe.
DJ Agni (right) had just taken the controls when this picture was snapped ad DJ Cyberian Soundz (left) looked on.  A major player in the local Trance scene, he would come on later.
An incredible light wall on two sides of the club flash to the music and change colors.Great music in here and most mixed drinks are just $3.
Terrace 390 is on the ground floor of the Bank of America building up near Club Firestone.
The outdoor terrace is totally dependent on the weather and the light drizzle that was beginning to fall jeopardized whether they could continue outside. The outside venue is all House and Dance on Saturday nights with Latin music inside.
Not many sitting at the outside bar though when it's chilly.
Some people get an extra hour of sleep on the night the clocks fall back an hour; I spend my extra hour at Independent Bar.
DJ Matt was on the boards last night putting out an awesome mix of early to mid-80's New Wave/Old Wave classics!
The place got jammed, especially after midnight.
Spotted:  Lawrence from Mannequins!
Spotted: DJ Tony Frazier

Hmmm. That blonde in the middle looks familiar but without Halloween blood all over her face, can't be sure.
Spotted: C.J. Grinder, sister of DJ Heavy Grinder, visiting DJ Indie John in the booth incognito.


Anonymous said...

Bob, thought you were going to Mojo?

KingBob said...

Never made it. Will give them a try asap. They now have DJ's on Friday and Saturday nights.