Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Are They Now: Mannequins Resident DJ's

DOMINICK MORRISON: When PI closed, Dominick was the Monday - Wednesday resident DJ at Mannequins. You can currently find him playing House, Dance and Top 40 at Vixen on Friday nights and Vintage on Saturday nights. Vixen is more Progressive, Vintage has music videos. He also has a Dubstep night at Sky60 on Thursday nights.  And don't forget his most incredible performance of the year takes place on New Years Eve at EPCOT when he plays EDM in the courtyard of China under the smoke-belching dragon!

DAVE CANNALTE: Dave was the Thursday night resident DJ at Mannequins which also happened to be Cast Member night at the club. Wall-to-wall partiers on the revolving dance floor were typical for that night. Like then, Dave is gainfully employed elsewhere but still does awesome DJ work. As a member of the original AAHZ club night at the old Beacham Theater, he participates in the annual AAHZ Reunion events, the next one taking place next month. We'll have a separate article about that in the coming days!

DJ PEAPOD: The weekend resident DJ at Mannequins (Friday - Sunday) was DJ Peapod. Because he had the weekend shift, he is probably the best known of the ending Mannequins DJ's. You can find him spinning Mannequins-style music on Thursday - Saturday nights at The Loft at Dillinger's in hometown Binghampton, New York. Peapod helped develop the Gothic-themed club which is located above an existing pub/restaurant called Dillinger's. Open for only a few weeks now, it's apparently meeting a pent-up demand for Dance music in the southern part of upstate New York. The Blog has thousands of readers from NY so hopefully some of you will make it over to see him!


Anonymous said...

Come back to Orlando Peapod!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just in Binghamton a couple weeks ago on my way back down to NYC. That place Dillinger's was nice, had an upscale feel to it. Lots of college kids around there thanks to State University Of New York (SUNY) Binghamton campus. They'll now be schooled in real music by a world class DJ. Go Peapod !