Friday, October 28, 2011

PI Update: West Side Seeing Construction

For those of you already experiencing 40F-degree temps and some snow, make your plans now to come visit Orlando where we're still in the 80's.

With the Hyperion Wharf project on indefinite hold and perhaps outright cancelled, nothing going on behind these construction walls surrounding the space formerly occupied by Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion.

Nearly all the action at Downtown Disney is taking place on the West Side. The biggest project of course is the conversion of the former Virgin Mega Store space into Splitsville Bowling. Scheduled to open next Fall, everything is currently taking place inside the massive space. The project brings hope to many of us!

Sunglass Icon is significantly renovating its space.

Blink by Wet Seal is moving into the former Magnetron space. The latter is no more.

West coast-based Something Silver is moving into the former Magic Masters space.

Back on beautiful Pleasure Island this is the only sign of progress.  Construction has returned to the Lily Pad which ironically was just renovated one year ago. The previous renovation eliminated the permanently placed objects that were there which provided a forum for entertainment acts to perform. A PI source says a bandstand type area is being constructed for the Lily Pad.  Could not verify that. But if you're in the area, be sure to drop by the Island to check it all out!
Happy Halloween from Wonderfall DTD!


Anonymous said...

Bring back Motion :(

KingBob said...

They kind of's called ATLANTIC DANCE HALL.

Anonymous said...

yeh ive got to try that place out the next time im over, is house of blues still busy on sunday nights?

KingBob said...

Yes, HOB has Service Industry Night on Sunday nights and it ranges from crowded to insanely crowded!