Sunday, October 23, 2011

Club Reports: Terrace 390, Bullitt Bar, 180 Grey Goose Lounge, Bliss Ultra Lounge, Independent Bar

If you're willing to walk a few blocks, there is often free street parking up near the courthouse building which saves the $5-10 charges further south. When I got out of my car up off Livingston Street I could hear loud House music drifting over from the west. Following the music trail I came upon Terrace 390 located both inside of and in the courtyard of the Bank of America building!

Out in the bank's courtyard on Friday and Saturday nights they have a DJ playing Top 40, Dance, House and Progressive. This venue has been open since April.

This area under the palm trees serves as the dance floor which I was told would be filled later in the evening. It is breezy outside since you're standing adjacent a 30-story building.

The inside bar offers numerous television monitors serving up sports and that large empty expanse becomes the dance floor for another DJ playing Latin and Reggaeton after 11pm. Interesting place that I'll need to return to but later in the evening. Cover charge a steep for Orlando $10.
Return visit to Bullitt Bar on Pine Street. Cover here is a more-reasonable Free.

The DJ here was playing mostly older but well-known Hip Hop songs.

The place has always been crowded during my visits and there was actually several people dancing this trip but it's really more of a socializing place.

And they have this awesome beer cooler built into the rear of an old Chevy van!

Another club with numbers in the name is 180 Grey Goose Lounge located up on the 7th floor of Amway Center.
Resident DJ John Campisano is playing mostly House to the pretty jammed porch overlooking downtown.

There is an indoor area with a bar but the club's feature is the outdoor area. No one dancing during my visit but it's not unheard of out there.

The big draw is the 180-degree view overlooking the downtown skyline. Free cover.

Bliss Ultra Lounge on Saturday nights is more to my liking!

Resident DJ Mickey Bono is playing 100% Top 40 Dance and House!

The club gets packed on Saturday nights.

It is overall a pretty young crowd but it's the best EDM music in Orlando on Saturday nights!

Final stop on Saturdays is Endent Bar. One of these days they might get the sign fixed.

DJ Indie John playing 80's New Wave dance music from the control tower.

Pretty good crowd spanning all age groups here.

Some familiar faces; Sonia & Andrea!
And some new ones too. Always a fun time at I-Bar!

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