Sunday, October 2, 2011

Club Reports: CityWalk Plaza, The Groove, Latin Quarter, Hard Rock Street Party, Independent Bar

(CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE) A weekend feature on the CityWalk Plaza Stage is a DJ playing Top 40 Dance to the passersby. This will run on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to 10pm, at least through October, weather-permitting. Last night DJ Smooth (Bliss Ultra Lounge,, Florida Beat, Club CityWalk,, Red Coconut Club)was on the boards.

Groups coming out of Islands of Adventure or headed to Halloween Horror Nights do stop to listen and even dance. (Spotted-right: Ken the Robot from Mannequins)

I had not seen DJ AJ at The Groove in nearly a year! Keeping up with the times, he was playing a lot of Top 40 Dance and far less Hip Hop which was great. The club was not as crowded as when I reported from The Groove on a Saturday night two weeks ago but it was hardly empty either.

TG girls!

Over at Latin Quarter the night began kind of spartan but the place was jamming before midnight as DJ Leony (Sirius/XM 51 BPM,, KQ103.1) pumped out Salsa, Reggaeton and Top 40 Dance.

When a short set of Reggaeton morphed into a House set, the dance floor got jammed and crazy!

LQ girls!

Hard Rock was having a 40th birthday street party, ironically downtown and not at CityWalk. Two blocks of Orange Avenue were blocked off for multiple stages and live bands. I had hoped to get there before the midnight ending time but fun at CityWalk caused me to arrive just a little bit too late. But downtown was packed with people; the garages packed with cars.

But it's never too late for Independent Bar which was packed too. Around 1am DJ Dem Rock (left) took over the controls from DJ Indie John. Saturday nights mean 80's New Wave/Old Wave classics.

I-Bar is always on my club-hopping list too. You can count on a crowd.

I-Bar girls!


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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Hard Rock was having a party downtown.

KingBob said...

The downtown party was advertised in both the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Weekly.