Saturday, October 15, 2011

Club Report: 11/12 Lounge

One of the more fun Friday night venues is 11/12 Lounge located on Lee Road just west of I-4. Featuring bands and a sports bar the rest of the week, the club goes Goth on Friday nights.

DJ Paul Vaine (Visage, Lyrica) controls the mood from his perch above the dance floor. The music is a mix of 80's New Wave along with other music you would have heard at Visage back in the day as well as today if Visage was still around! There was a pirate-themed night last night that a lot of the people were dressed for.

There were a lot of patrons in the club congregating around the bar which offers 2 For 1's until midnight but the dance floor just did not get that crowded during my visit.

Admission is just $5 and wearing black is a good way to blend in.


ClubMaster said...

photos not working to get full screen image, when clicking on it.

KingBob said...

Blogger seems to have a new feature that when you click on a photo to enlarge it, it is only partly enlarged. But there are now boxes at the bottom that allow you to scroll through all the photos from that same article. Comes up the same in both Firefox and Explorer.