Friday, September 16, 2011

PI Update: Changes Continue

Blog reader Right Guard provides us a picture from happier times when Pleasure Island's mission was clearly defined. He also reports that black felt/paper or whatever that stuff is has reappeared on the doors of Adventurers Club.

Blog roving reporter Thommy provides us this shot of the front of Mannequins where now even "Dance Palace" has been removed. Mannequins Dance Palace is now officially departed.

Meanwhile over at 8TRAX, Blog roving reporter William sends us this pic of improved visibility to the inside of that former club. With the groovy paint job removed from the doors, he says it's very easy to peer inside both the upstairs and downstairs doors now. This is your opportunity to look inside and relive your past!


Anonymous said...

I have some suggestions they could've used the building of Mannequines and just called it "Dance Palace".
Also they could've kept 8Trax and given it a paint job to match the back door.
Then as for Adventure'ers Club they can call it Club Safari.
Finally they can rename Comedy Warehouse Comedy Amphitheatre.
P.S. Wake up! people want to dance and party at P.I.

Anonymous said...

They have those clubs just sitting there and not being used.
Put the dance Palace sign back up there, put the 8Trax sign back up there as well.
So Surprise everyone by reopening the clubs.
Let everybody party.
P.S. It's pretty pathetic down there now.

zulemara said...

actually black stuff is now on the 8-trax doors. They didn't waste any time in getting that up. I was unable to see in the upper or lower doors.

KingBob said...

Maybe they didn't want people looking inside and seeing all the crap they have stored inside 8TRAX, per the photos of the inside I published a few months ago. Or maybe they're secretely working at night inside!

DamnMouse72 said...

Hey Bob...Found this on YouTube...

Damn, Miss PI!

KingBob said...

Wow, that deserves to be elevated to the front page. Posting it immediately!!