Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Shit

 It's a slow news day today here at the Blog so I'm posting several pictures that don't really fit any other categories or deserve an article of their own.

Spotted the Pussy Club while wandering around Riga, Latvia last month. It's home to the famous Thursday night "Pussy Party"! This is not a strip joint but a regular night club. Unfortunately was not able to check it out.
Amsterdam's Red Light District has no shortage of erotic shops such as this one. The RLD seemed to be doing quite well. Plenty of girls in the windows. Sorry, photos not allowed.
 Say it ain't so!
Hey, don't mess with CityWalk Security. Got to witness a recent fight that was quickly contained by CW Security followed by OPD. I wonder if Disney Security could do this?
Speaking of OPD, the Royal Orlando Mounted Police were out in force recently in the downtown area herding revelers from the streets to their respective parking garages. The horses generally weren't taking no for an answer.


Anonymous said...

What on the Earth does this have to do with Save Pleasure Island?
Besides saying trashy statements.

Anonymous said...

Bob can post what he wants; its his blog. I dont see any trashy statements.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Disney Security did a reasonably good job, given an Island full of people drinking. It seemed like the overall tone grew much, much more confrontational after Orange County increased their presence.

Anonymous said...

I never noticed an increase in Orange County deputies at PI. Even today there are as many as ever, no fewer.

KingBob said...

Hey, everything on this Blog is NOT about Pleasure Island.

Anonymous said...

Sometime around (or after?) the gates came down, it seemed like the front line security move from Disney to OC. Seemed like it went from "You've had a few too many, settle down" to lets-wrestle-the-guy-to-the-floor. Just an impression.