Friday, September 30, 2011

Club Reports: Why Not Lounge, Dexter's

Had not made the Seminole County club run since it was cold outside so it was time to see how things are doing. Why Not Lounge has been around since the 70's and is under new management. It's located in the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel (formerly Magnuson Grand, formerly Clarion, formerly Holiday Inn-Altamonte Springs).

DJ Baby pictured above in this file photo is playing Top 40 and Hip Hop from the booth.

But during this early visit last night the place was deader than a doornail. They made the mistake of moving Ladies Night, a Thursday night institution since the 70's, over to Wednesdays when far fewer people can go out and party. They instantly lost nearly everyone. But club manager Travis Thompson tells me that they're doing a Ladies Night now on both Wednesdays and Thursdays and they're slowly drawing back their Thursday night patrons. I returned to Why Not after my visit to Dexter's (see below) and there were a few groups of people dancing.

Dexter's in Lake Mary/Heathrow is becoming an institution in its own right.

DJ Michael Knight owns Thursday nights here and draws a large crowd of people trying to begin their weekend a day early!

And he took us on a musical journey to Mannequins, 8TRAX and Motion last night with sets of House/Dance, 70's Disco, 80's Classics and current Top 40.

The place was crowded although I've seen it more crowded during some visits.

Knight brings in all of his own equipment on Thursdays including the light bridge, fog maker and a shiny disco ball!

The crowd is an upscale mix of locals and business people staying in nearby hotels.

I told the DJ that this was his best set of music I've heard during my various visits and he told me it was because he cut-out the Hip Hop about a month ago. And it sounded great. So much of Top 40 is in the Dance category now and not Hip Hop that this is possible to pull off and not have people complain. Three minutes later though he put on a short segment of Hip Hop classics from the early 00's that jammed the floor, lol. Dexter's on Thursdays; check it out!


Anonymous said...

Where is this place?

KingBob said...

Take I-4 eastbound (physically northbound) to Exit 101A and turn left onto CR 46A. Proceed to the traffic light at International Parkway and turn right. The "downtown" style development will be on your right. Dexter's is next to Amura.