Sunday, September 25, 2011

Club Reports: Vixen Lounge, Independent Bar

Vixen Lounge downtown was the site of an impromptu "Mannequins Reunion" last night as we approach the third anniversary of the club's demise.

DJ Greedy was pumping out a great mix of Top 40 Dance, House & Florida Breaks to the jammed venue.

There was at least a dozen of us former Mannequins patrons in attendance.

The dance floor in Vixen is directly in front of the DJ booth and is on the tiny side. But it was being used for the purpose intended.

Spotted: ill DJ Chris B (Icon, Electric Daisy Carnival, Club V).

Independent Bar on a Saturday night!

DJ Indie John at the controls playing 80's New Wave/early MTV-hits.

The club was crowded but not as packed as some Saturday nights.

It was actually possible to walk around in the place without knocking over many drinks!

And under the shiny disco balls, a good time was had by all!


Dj Smooth said...

Does Indie John ever get tired of playing those worn out 80s songs? I like Blondie as much as the next person but...

KingBob said...

While it's true that they quit making 80's Music when the 80's ended and thus there are no "new" 80's songs to play, the songs are hardly worn out and they are extremely popular across all age groups. 70's Disco has the same universal appeal. I'm interested to see what kind of appeal 90's songs are going to have now that we're leaving that decade further in the past. Will clubs offer 90's Nights? Quite likely.

Anonymous said...

Great seeing you at Vixen last night. Great music to be heard.
Duane & Shelley Lyn

KingBob said...

Thanks! Great seeing you all too plus all the other Mannequins regulars.