Friday, September 16, 2011

Club Reports: The Groove, Red Coconut Club

Thursday night is 80's Night at The Groove featuring DJ King (Motion, BET Soundstage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, PI Live).

It was one of those nights when it was by no means crowded but by no means empty either. It was a short night for me so I could not stick around to see if things picked up after midnight.

The music mix was good with both the mandatory 80's classics being played but also a lot of other 80's hits that don't get played enough such as Milli Vanilli (above) plus a bunch of I-Bar style Old Wave songs.

Also dropped by the Red Coconut to see if anything was happening.

Not sure what happened to the pretty little female vocalist he added a few months ago but the Herb Williams Band now has a new one up there!

And a really good crowd dancing to their music!  Fun times at CityWalk!

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