Sunday, September 11, 2011

Club Reports: Bliss Ultra Lounge, Frank & Steins, The Attic, Suite B Lounge, The Beacham, I-Bar

Beautiful Saturday evening to wander around downtown Orlando. With over 40,000 people attending the UCF home game victory over Boston College in American football, downtown seemed to be a little less crowded than it typically would be. Just a short line to get into personal favorite Bliss Ultra Lounge.

Resident DJ Mickey Bono was pumping out House and Dance as he opened for guest DJ Derrick Anthony from clubs XS and Tryst in Las Vegas. I didn't stick around for Anthony's post-midnight appearance.

To get into the Vegas spirit Bliss was offering black jack and roulette tables!

This isn't a dance club but this new venue at The Plaza had some good Top 40/Dance playing in it.

There is no shortage of sports bars downtown but this one is done really nice and also offers a good assortment of games such as skee-ball, table bowling, darts, etc.

Hadn't been over to The Attic in awhile so needed to check it out again.

It was crazy in there as DJ Bingo Balls (left) was pumping out 100% Top 40 Dance with no Hip Hop, at least during my visit.

It was impossible for me to get a decent picture though of all the people dancing on their long narrow dance floor. The venue is kept dark, wall panels offer up cobalt blue mood lighting and the fog machine kept a permanent haze in the air. Great music. If that's a permanent change, then there is new Dance music competition downtown for Bliss.

Just around the corner past Vain is Suite B Lounge, a venue guaranteed to be offering up an assortment of electronic dance music.

DJ's Adam Bomb and Funkbaby were on the boards during my visit playing Progressive House and Electro to the small but rowdy crowd on hand!

Orlando has a number of awesome female DJ's but this was the first time I've encountered DJ Funkbaby.

Over to The Beacham to see what was going on over there. Saturday night is 102Jamz Night so plenty of Hip Hop on the agenda mixed with some Top 40 Dance.

Resident DJ Richie Rich has owned this night for several years now but he has an EDM heart! And you can hear him put out the House next Sunday night as guest DJ at House of Blues service industry night.

And of course will wrap up the night at Independent Bar (dba Endent Bar)!

DJ Indie John putting out early to mid 80's New Wave/Old Wave classics.

No shortage of patrons in here as the floor stayed consistently jammed.

And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Bob, where is the Attic. Ive never seen it.

KingBob said...

The Attic is located at 68 E. Pine Street between Orange and Magnolia. It's easy to miss because it's located upstairs on the 2nd Floor. There is a door (and usually a doorman downstairs.) I published a picture of the sign. AKA Lounge used to be located in that space.

Dj Smooth said...

Dj Bingo Balls?

KingBob said...

I didn't ask.
More information at: