Monday, September 5, 2011

Club Report: Techno Night at CityWalk

If you advertise it, they will come! Proving that "techno" music (EDM) can draw crowds at CityWalk, a beautiful Orlando evening was the backdrop for this annual event inside and outside The Groove.

More DJ's than you can shake a stick at! DJ ATM (center) (Bliss Ultra Lounge) was in the booth when I first got to The Groove, putting out House and Dance and possibly the first bit of Dubstep ever in TG as DJ Cheyenne B (right) (Bliss, Suite B) looked on. Cheyenne would later do the 1am closing shift outside.
Meanwhile outside TG on the "lily pad" DJ X-Andy (, Elegante Bistro) was spinning House and Dance to the large crowd enjoying the low humidity evening.

The Groove was jammed all night.

The Bicardi Girls were on hand. Can't party without Bicardi!

No one bought a ticket expecting Hip Hop so no one was disappointed when they didn't hear it!



Latin Quarter was also included in the event and it too was jammed for DJ Netics spinning some Latin mixed with Top 40 Dance.

At midnight DJ Scotty B (Blue Martini, Orlando Magic) came on in The Groove and literally blew the place up with high energy Dance.

While outside DJ Chad Andrew (Senso, Bliss) came on spinning House/Dance tunes, a change from the Progressive House he's more well-known for. Great to hear it.

Dancers adjacent the lily pad area.

Dancing wherever you happened to be standing!!

A film crew was putting together a new CityWalk television commercial.
At 1am DJ Nova (Vain, Blue Martini, Antigua) took over inside The Groove and took it past closing time.

The floor was as jammed as I've seen it, all the way to the finish! Great night and it shows the potential for Electronic Dance Music at CityWalk beyond just once every year. If advertised, people will come!


M&B said...

Great time last night Bob. Nice seeing alot of PI regulars there.

Garry said...

I was there too and had a blast. It was refreshing actually. So much potential...

Dj Smooth said...

Did any of the Djs go off into the minimal/dubby house stuff with no energy or vocals?

KingBob said...

Not that I encountered. Music with vocals ruled the night although there was some non-vocal stuff too (but less so than last year's event). This was not the venue to test out any weird stuff either.

Dj Smooth said...

That's good to hear. As a general statement, some of these younger Djs seem to want to play that underground stuff in the wrong settings; from what I have heard about/read about in the last few years.

We were a little slower at Bliss that we would have liked but it was still a lot of fun.

KingBob said...

Sorry I missed you but I'd already purchased the ticket for CW.