Monday, August 1, 2011

CityWalk Techno Night Coming!!

I'm pleased to report that what I call Techno Night is returning to CityWalk on Labor Day weekend!! Like last year, it will take place on the Sunday night of the holiday weekend in a special cordoned-off area beside The Groove and Galaxy Bar. Full details are not yet available but last year entry was just $10, just a couple dollars more than the regular one-club ticket.

Last year close to a dozen different DJ's took turns spinning House/Techno/Dance music both outside on the lily pad and inside The Groove while people danced in both locations. The picture above shows the jammed area outdoors.

While this picture shows the jammed area inside. Unlike regular nights at CityWalk, everyone there knew what kind of music they were getting and that's why they were there!  I'll publish full details including advance ticket information as soon as I get it! This is a do not miss event for Mannequins fans!


Anonymous said...

In the picture inside the Groove, it doesn't look like the upstairs is open....did they not have it open last year for the event? Just curious... And, why was the XL106.7 banner by the DJ? What do they know about "Techno Music?" LOL, they were probably just promoting the event (free advertisement, right?) Looking forward to the event! Thanks CW for not forgetting about us "Mannequins" fans!

Dj Smooth said...

Jay Mac from XL 106 is very up to date on the latest house/trance.

It's not a "Techno" night btw...

House music and its many subgenres is what will actually be played at this event.

KingBob said...

XL is somehow involved in it but my recollection from last year is that Jay Mac was not one of the DJ's performing. I've got the DJ list from last year.

Smooth, you are absolutely correct about my name for it. "Techno" is actually a specific type of electronic music. I however am using the term generically. The average folks out there refer to EDM as "techno". Even Disney referred to Mannequins as a techno club even though that was hardly the case. So to me, it's a TECHNO night at The Groove, yea!!

Anon at 7am, the upstairs was closed for the event. I don't know if XL still runs it but they used to do a Saturday night set of EDM so they know a little bit about it.

Dj Smooth said...

XL was probably just running ads for it.

Other than Jay Mac, the only other guy on staff that can beatmix that I'm aware of is Ian McDaniel but he tours a lot and is constantly busy with radio production/concert production stuff.

Can you post the Dj list from last year?

KingBob said...

Yes, last year's DJ's were:

Dj Smooth said...

I've heard of a couple of them but never heard them spin anywhere.

KingBob said...

Well of course you know Chad Andrew from Bliss & Senso. DJ Nova had a long-time Saturday night residency at Antigua but the last I heard he was at Vain and Blue Martini. I've not run into Freefall in awhile now; I last saw him at Vintage and Dragon Room. Like you, X-Andy has a weekly show on; his at Noon eastern time on Sundays. Norbey was at Suite B for my June 26th article. The others, I don't know more.

Dj Smooth said...

So what were they playing last year? Did anyone go to City Walk to check it out?

KingBob said...

Inside they were playing non-vocal House for the most part. Outside it was mostly Top 40. I don't think there was any supervision. They played what they wanted. However, my article from last year described it:

Hmmm, that article says the upstairs WAS open. So it must have been!

Dj Smooth said...

I'm sorry but I have to ask this.

Why do we keep seeing all these events over and over again with local Djs playing this out of left field minimal house stuff that most people can't get into?

I don't get it...

KingBob said...

I know what you mean but I see what I wrote about last year's event. It was crowded, the dance floor stayed jammed and the music was actually great! If you're not otherwise working that night, you need to come check it out!

Dj Smooth said...

If I do, it would be only to measure up these other Djs that I see showing up around town here and there. If they play the type of stuff I think they'll play, it's not thing.

We'll see.

As you can tell, I've very skeptical. ;)

To many 20 year old kids running around with a laptop and some songs they found online, have only been Djing for a couple of years and they think they're the next big thing.

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