Friday, August 5, 2011

PI Update: Latest Island News

Back on the Island on a balmy summer evening, the new Apricot Lane trendy clothing store for ladies is moving quickly in their renovations and should be ready to open within 2 weeks. Located in the recently vacated Orlando Harley Davidson store, you can see that mannequins are already being put into place. (Not to be confused with the mannequins in place next door!)

Seed & mulch became Grass & mulch became Weed & mulch.

The new silver metallic human statue is drawing crowds adjacent the Adventurers Club.

While the new gold metallic human statue has replaced the red guitarist outside Soundstage Club.
Over at the Lily Pad, a small band played for passers-by. One of our leading Island sources is saying "Big news coming soon!"  So stay tuned to the Blog for the latest. In the meanwhile, have a Magical weekend!


Anonymous said...

And they let you back on the Island?? LOL... Can't wait for some "exciting announcements"!

Munchies said...

Im guessing something *might* be announced at the upcoming D23 Expo....

Anonymous said...

Good job Bob. We all are keeping our fingers crossed for the right kind of good news. Thanks Duane and Lyn in Christmas.