Thursday, August 11, 2011

CW Update: Techno Night Brochure Released

We reported last week that CityWalk was having another "techno" night on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. Uni has now released the flyer which I guess makes it official. The event takes place in a gated outdoor area adjacent The Groove as well as in The Groove itself. Some DJ's will be playing outdoors on the CW "lily pad" while a bunch more will be spinning from the TG booth. I call it a "techno" night but in reality it's a lot of Electronic Dance Music inside and Top 40 outside. Admission is the same as last year; just $10. (This is a separately ticketed event so regular CityWalk Party Passes and Universal Studios Premier Annual Passes are not valid.) Private cabana rentals will be available! Tickets are available at the Guest Services window downstairs as well as at the gate. Some repeat DJ's from last year and some new additions too such as comely DJ Erica Jane (The Attic). Mannequins fans....this is a do not miss event. It was jammed last year! Hope to see you all there!


Dj Smooth said...

I love messing with Bob and can't "techno" mentioned on the poster. ;)

They picked a Sunday night, which is probably the best night to have it.

I hope it goes well for them.

zulemara said...

I fully plan on attending!

Anonymous said...

something that PI would have done!!

KingBob said...

Hey, the flyer really does not specify ANY kind of music will be played except "live". And while the DJ's will be live, I think the music will be recorded! Agree that Sunday night is the best night. The Groove would otherwise be dead but it's a holiday weekend so most people are off on Monday and are looking for things to do. And best of all, NO ONE attending will be expecting Hip Hop and then complaining when they don't hear it. Like last year, it will be an EDM crowd!