Sunday, August 14, 2011

Club Reports: Icon, Suite B, Bliss, I-Bar

Another one bites the dust. We recently reported that new club Heat had shut down. But more surprising is the closing of a club that has been an institution in downtown Orlando forever: Icon. Great memories in here like watching Baby Anne and Paul Oakenfold. Hopefully someone else will take over this large space!

One club you can count on to always be playing Electronic Dance Music is Suite B Lounge.

Forgot to get this DJ's name though....sorry. He was playing a slower-paced House beat to the early crowd. (Well, it wasn't exactly a crowd early on; just 4 of us!)

If you visit you be sure to see bartendress Lisa who mixes great drinks including those Code Red shots!

Then it was time to drop by Bliss Ultra Lounge to see what was on the dollar menu. Yes, unless they're having a special event like an out-of-town guest DJ, admission is free until midnight and well drinks are just $1! One of those Abe Lincoln's in your wallet goes a long way here!
And the Saturday night resident DJ is Mickey Bono playing Top 40 Dance and House. Best Mannequins-style music in Orlando since PI closed!

Saturday nights are always crowded here.

Didn't wander off my normal path though last night. Final stop was Independent Bar still doing business as Endent Bar until John gets the sign fixed!

After two Saturday nights off, DJ Indie John was at the controls with Lighting Tech Ernie.

The place was Saturday night jammed as it usually is.

Saturday means early to mid-80's New Wave/Old Wave dance music with one hit after another!

And a good time was had by all including birthday girl here!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about icon.

KingBob said...

It had been closed for awhile but the Icon sign was still lit-up. But no more.