Friday, July 8, 2011

Club Reports: Why Not Lounge, Red Coconut Club, The Groove, Latin Quarter

Quick visit to the famous Why Not Lounge in Altamonte Springs to check out their Thursday night Ladies Night, an event taking place since the mid-70's!!

But not anymore! They've tampered with something that usually brought in good crowds and moved it to Wednesday nights when few have the ability to go out. Live soul band trying hard but very few people in the audience. Why Not management, what were you thinking?!
OK, hadn't been out to CityWalk for their Thursday night festivities in awhile so let's do it. First stop Red Coconut Club for former Pleasure Island DJ G-Clef (Motion, BET Soundstage, Celebrate Tonight, Atlantic Dance Hall).
From high up in the control tower, he was spinning a mix of mostly Top 40 and Hip Hop.
Not as crowded as some Thursday nights but by no means empty either.

Spotted: Former Pleasure Island DJ Frankie (Atlantic Dance Hall, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, West End Stage) as well as Reggie, both part of the famous band Frankie & The West End Boys! Also spotted Regina, former manager at Atlantic Dance Hall. Sorry Regina, your pic came out too blurry to use!

Thursday night means 80's Night at The Groove with another former Pleasure Islander, DJ King. (Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.)
The crowd is nothing like Saturday nights but there were quite a few patrons for a Thursday night.

The music is 80's classics with some 70's Disco mixed in from time-to-time. Always a fun time!

Latin Quarter had a long line to get in for DJ Leony (Sirius XM BPM, Radio Danz, Club 23, Heat)!

The dance floor was jammed during my visit.

And always plenty of eye candy at LQ! A rainy weekend is expected in Orlando but don't be a shut-in!


Anonymous said...

Lots of Pleasure Island DJ's at CityWalk. Too bad they're not at Pleasure Island.

KingBob said...

.....where they belong!