Monday, July 4, 2011

Club Report: House of Blues (SIN)

House of Blues.....Sunday night.....Service Industry Night. Anyone in any service industry gets in free!

And you know if it's a holiday weekend, that means DJ Magic Mike!

I don't think he was quite as good as the show he put on during Memorial Day weekend but it was still the best dance music I've heard since DJ David Guetta in Toronto! (See June 19th article.)
The place stayed mostly empty until Magic Mike came on shortly after midnight. I guess people are learning it doesn't pay to show up any earlier.

But around midnight it got packed!

As in packed to the rafters!!

Spotted: DJ Richie Rich (House of Blues SIN, The Beacham). Rich will be opening next Sunday night at House of Blues and closing after DJ Sandy on July 31st! Forget the will be all House!
Of course had to check out beautiful Pleasure Island on the way out. Unlike "back in the day", PI was pretty much deserted with a few stragglers at Sosa Cigars and a larger group closing down Paradiso 37.

Was hoping the revolving dance floor was spinning at Mannequins but no such luck.....yet!

But who said there is no dancing on Pleasure Island?!!


Anonymous said...

Look at the old ticket booths in the last picture.... So Sad. Ahhh, those were the days....

KingBob said...

Back when the Island was a gated Attraction, there used to be long lines at the two ticket booths. The booths were supposedly original passenger cars from the old Fort Wilderness Railway. To avoid the long lines, those in the know would go to alternate ticket windows near the other Bridges.

Anonymous said...

Cool dress!