Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PI Update: RidemakerZ Moving; Construction Wall Modified

Today is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Throughout Scandinavia there are massive festivals; in the Alps large bonfires are lit on mountaintops. In Canada they're getting ready to celebrate Canada Day. And here in Orlando, what better place to celebrate the first day of summer, than beautiful Pleasure Island!
First of all this story from this morning. Blog roving reporter Thommmy reports that RidemakerZ has filed a Notice of Commencement with Orange County to begin renovations to Marketplace Building #6. This confirms the rumors that they are moving out of their current space in the old Virgin Megastore Building in DTD West Side over to DTD Marketplace. We're now posting a copy of that Notice (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE) above. I was on the Island this evening and sources say they are moving into the Team Mickey building. TM is not closing but apparently RMZ will have their own space within the building.

In the Comments section of this article loyal Blog reader Mike V. reported to us that the construction wall (at the Hub) has been moved back behind the railings. He sent us this picture to post. As you can see, the new wall is now on the opposite side of the railings that were already there that used to wrap around the western end of Rock'nRoll Beach Club. The wall is also lower than the other walls and no longer has the concept art on it that showed the proposed amphitheater. Island sources say that we should start to see some action on the Island after Orlando Harley makes the move from PI over to the West Side. Big thanks to Mike V & Thommy for their reports today!


Mike said...

Bob - I'll have to send you some pics but noticed on Sunday that the construction wall between where RRBC used to be and Sosa was moved back behind the railings where the boat dock entrance is and was pushed back a bit. More importantly, the only concept art photo for HW was no longer there. (originally posted 6/21/11 at 11:58am)

KingBob said...

Mike, appreciate that. Will take a look at that wall next time out there. Concept art was still there last week so if its been taken down, that's significant. (originally posted 6/21/11 at 1:59pm)

zulemara said...

permit was also filed for work on the Virgin megastore building so I think that is the nail in the coffin on the ridemakerz saga. And now we're left with yet another empty building. Time to break out the celebration buttons! (originally posted 6/21/11 at 4:57pm)

daguru said...

While it says Marketplace, could this be the old HD store? Wasn't that the rumor a few months ago? (originally posted 6/21/11 at 5:32pm)

ClubMaster said...

King bob are you aware of the Night club thats also on Disney property?? called rix lounge? http://www.rix-lounge.com/

video on youtube is the video of the club. And this club is located in the Coronado Spring Resort. Open to the public with free parking and cover. Live DJ thursday-saturday. Even The News CFNEWS 13 reported on it. http://www.cfnews13.com/article/entertainment/2010/july/120135/Rix-rocks-nightlife-at-Disney

feel free to remove this post and do a official report on it if you like. Looks like ADH is not the only club on Disney property.
(originally posted 6/21/11 at 8:13pm)

KingBob said...

I had to delete the original article so all Comments have been moved over to this article.

Zulemara, I was in the Virgin building this evening and lights were on upstairs. Hopefully they have plans for that space but I have my doubts that anyone could use space that huge. An Aquarium restaurant was once-rumored but with other small aquariums already at DTD, I doubt that too.

Daguru, that was a rumor awhile back. But sources are telling me RMZ is moving to Team Mickey.

ClubMaster, the Blog has reported on Rix several times although it's definitely been awhile. ADH remains the only"Disney-owned" dance club on property. Rix is third-party as are House of Blues, Bongos. Appreciate the reminder to get myself back out there again!