Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PI Update: Gloomy Island

The sky in this file photo is bright and cheerful but with thunderstorms brewing in the Orlando-area this afternoon, things were actually gloomy. But what better place to experience gloom than beautiful Pleasure Island. After all, we are approaching 2.75 years since the clubs closed!
Plenty of Brazilian tour groups passing through.
The custodial crew was busy kipping things spiffy.
But one custodial worker (not pictured above) told me that Soundstage and Adventurers Club were going to be demolished.  Since Custodial is likely the lowest rank within Disney's caste system, I take that information with a grain of salt.
This construction worker hanging out within the  grassy plain that once was RRBC & Motion gives you a good perspective of just how huge that area really is!
No construction taking place yet within the service area between Raglan Road and Portobello.
The Margarita Bar has a guitar singer. Music everywhere except where you'd expect it, such as club buildings!
Located in the former Virgin Mega Store, rumors had RidemakerZ closing May 31st however it remains in business with no sign of closing. The Princess Diana Museum is thankfully not returning either.
Finally, work progresses in the new location of Orlando Harley Davidson. Have a great weekend! And remember, no matter what the weather outside, it's always a beautiful day at Walt Disney World.


Anonymous said...

I take some peoples info with a Grain of salt! or should I not? because this person knows! more than others that hear things? and when you,I and others do not want to believe him/her? him/her gets MAD? just sayin.......

Anonymous said...

Frankly I agree it's been two and a half years, it has been too long for the clubs to be closed.
So don't you guys think it's about time to fix up 8Trax, Mannequines,Soundstage, and Comedy warehouse?
So the people can party.

In the good words of HollyWood "Lights,Music,Dancing"!

Anonymous said...

Only disney bus drivers are higher and we know how reliable they are!

Anonymous said...

In general, most front line Cast and Managers really do not know the true state of what's happening.

From the lack of progress, I really think no one really knows what to do with P.I., I agree, just bite the bullet and re-open some clubs, even if temporary. Make some money off the building, rather than just leaving it to sit and rot.

Anonymous said...

I think you people need HELP!
Disney has you all brain washed!

when someone and or Company does things that i do not like I stop buying there product (stop giving them my money) to make sure they understand they F*cked up! oh and also send them an email saying this also! LIKE I DID never agian! will I spend my money there!
I know that some of you will say Good and or stay away and you will still go! HA who is the fool! NOT ME!

Anonymous said...

What a total shambles PI has become, i cant forgive Disney for this......

KingBob said...

Let's say for a moment that the rumor I published recently is true; that 3rd party operators will get to reopen several of the closed venues as clubs. If true, formulating renovation plans to accomplish that will in itself take time. So the fact that nothing is going on right now does not conflict with that rumor.