Saturday, June 4, 2011

PI Update: Early Summer On The Island

The heat and humidity that make Florida famous in the summer have taken control of our weather patterns and there's no turning back now. But what better place to sweat it out, than beautiful Pleasure Island.
Further demolitions appear definitely on hold as no new construction walls have been added on the Island. Soundstage Club and Adventurers Club remain open and obvious. We hope to see Soundstage renovated and repurposed to a new club format. But fresh reports that the few remaining items on the wall at Adventurers Club have also been removed (except for the yakoose) make AC returning there even more remote. However, please recall that the Blog reported more than a year ago that AC would return in the future at Disney's Animal Kingdom when they add a new Land there. Have never heard further.
That's the camera's eye peering into Soundstage Club (formerly BET Soundstage Club), stripped of everything including the downstairs rear stage. Won't be hearing any 50 Cent in here anytime soon!
Shows at the West End Ultra Lounge (formerly Celebration Plaza) begin later now as it's just way too darn hot out there at 6pm.
Work on the new service entry at the rear of Portobello has concluded but the new pathway itself as well as the new amphitheater remain on indefinite hold. I'm certain both will get built, but not immediately.
Large flowers have sprung up all over Pleasure Island.
The Mannequins elevator.....has been turned off. It no longer displays being on the 2nd floor.
The switch and buttons of the Mannequins side overhead door. Security locked it last year shortly after the Blog posted pictures of the inside of Mannequins, taken from this door.
Elsewhere on the Island, the Curl by Sammy Duval store is one of the few places in Orlando selling Toms Shoes. Apparently this is a new craze; saw plenty of them at Electric Daisy last week. You can have yours personalized here so get them while they're hot!
Across the bridge on the West Side, this Cars 2 mural is plastered on the construction wall surrounding the new Orlando Harley Davidson store location. Lot of people stopping to pose next to this. No plans this weekend? Put beautiful Pleasure Island on your list!


Anonymous said...

Just looked into the Adventurers Club and Zeus and chandelier still remain, but Yakoose isn't currently on the wall.

Joe said...

I knew those large topiary flowers looked familiar.
They were at Epcot in front of the Wonders of Life building during Flower & Garden.

KingBob said...

Appreciate the eyewitness report from AC!

Joe, amazing how you come up with all these pictures! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Cars 2 murel looks good, as well as the flowers.
Now it's time to see about Mannequines,8Trax,and Soundstage.
Reopen the clubs for the "Umpteenth"time, three years is long enough don't let it go into a fourth.
Thank you Joe for the Photos.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could say HOPE has faded if the The Mannequins elevator display has been turned off?