Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PI @ PH Is Back

It's become an annual tradition: PI @ PH. This year they use that familiar green oval to give you a hint of which PI they might be talking about. And of course PH is none other than Parliament House. This Thursday, techno dance music and a laser light show. Free before 11pm.

And how about some Comedy Warehouse style comedy? Also this Thursday night, numerous CW veterans will be doing two comedy shows! So make a PI night of it, all at P-House! Thanks to Blog roving reporter William for this report!


Anonymous said...

So you'll be stopping by then?

Be sure to come check it out. Laser show is the BEST in Orlando, better than EDC or any other Gaydays partys.

KingBob said...

Hope to have a report from last night posted by Friday night.

zulemara said...

They gave a serious F U to Disney last night, I'll let bob post all the craziness in his article but was awesome