Sunday, June 12, 2011

Club Reports: Zanzabar, BFE, Pi, Cloud 9 (Ocala)

When I'm out of town and time allows, I always like to check out the local club scene. Such was the case Saturday night in Ocala. Formerly Fusion and then Graffiti Beach, Zanzabar is the largest club in town.
Ocala's DJ Axis was on the boards spinning mostly Hip Hop although there were some House and Top 40 segments in there. The Saturday night cover charge was $12 but it was "all you can drink" so you do the math.
It never got particularly crowded but I've seen pics of the place and know that it does.
I was hoping to catch DJ KJ (K5, Tabu, Vixen, Urban Flats) but learned he spins here every other Saturday night. KJ now lives in Crystal River operating a charter fishing operation and Ocala is the closest "big city" to there.
Connected to Zanzabar is a country bar called Midnight Rodeo and admission includes both venues.
Located "down on the square" in downtown Ocala, BFE is a restaurant that turns bar at night.
Based on his computer, the DJ was Joey Kras and it was close to 100% Hip Hop.
Being the small town that it is, it was not surprising that everybody seemed to know everybody. Reminded me a lot of bars in my college town.
The dance floor had some very drunk people coming and going although not the people shown above. Interesting place to hang out with friends,!
Ocala has its own PI but it's no Pleasure Island. I guess this is the mathematical Pi. Another restaurant that turns into a bar later in the evening.
The attraction is the rooftop bar featuring a guitarist/singer while downstairs softer music played. It's not a dance club though. Not for me but it is a nice setting.
Finally there is Cloud 9. I had scanned the website and it looked promising. Had to park in the parking lot of the closed McDonald's across the highway but with more Hip Hop blaring from the speakers I decided it was time to call it a night. Ocala lesson learned: it's still very much a Hip Hop town!


Richie Rich said...

ahhh bob! next time you head out to ocala, i get you hooked up over at platforms, a friend of mine works over there, its crazy packed, from my understanding, he plays alot of house over there too. see ya bob!!

KingBob said...

Richie Rich!!! Long time no see. OMG, had no knowledge of Platforms. It did not pop up on any of my Searches. Was wondering where everyone was at on a Saturday night in Ocala! Thought perhaps everyone was out cow tipping. I'll let you know the next time I'm there; thanks.

Readers, DJ Richie Rich has a longstanding Saturday night residency at The Beacham in Orlando spinning Top 40, Hip Hop and when no on is looking, House. He also plays mostly House during regular Sunday night sessions at House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

Joe said...

"But KJ joins DJ Jimmy Joslin tonight at Urban Flats just off Sand Lake Road."
Urban Flats on Sand Lake closed and now is "City Fire".

KingBob said...

I was just going by the flyer that was sent to me.