Sunday, June 5, 2011

Club Reports: Bliss, Suite B, Whiskey Dicks, I-Bar

Great music but uncharacteristically small crowd before midnight last night during my visit to Bliss Ultra Lounge. Tons of people along Church Street as the concert by Taylor Swift let out of Amway Center but few came into here. Up the road newer clubs Heat and Touch had lines to get in.
Quick visit to Suite B Lounge to see if anything was going on. This DJ was playing some kind of Downtempo music which no one could and no one was dancing to.
People were just standing around waiting for the music to get better.
First time visit to Whiskey Dicks, a new venue located in the former home of Crooked Bayou. A huge bar dominates the room and this is another place going for the sports bar vibe. So patrons are more focused on the game than on the DJ's music. I miss the old place.
There was some dancing to Top 40 over on the far side but the place is not really conducive to it.
But DJ Indie John was making sure that wasn't happening at Independent Bar.
Originally came in around 10:30pm and it was pretty empty but after making the rounds of the other venues, I returned to a pretty jammed club!
The music is all early to mid 80's New Wave with videos. All classics!
Spotted: DJ's Dave Cannalte (Mannequins, AAHZ), The Reverend (Peacock Room, Bandwagon Roadshow) and Kimball Collins (Peacock Room, AAHZ). Don't forget the AAHZ Decade Reunion show by Cannalte and Collins on Saturday, June 18th at Firestone Live. Like previous AAHZ Reunions, it's sure to be incredible!
Spotted: DJ Dem Rok (Independent Bar) aka DJ Rob with friend.
And a good time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

So a change is needed at Suite B on Sat Nights? Is like that every week?

KingBob said...

There are different DJ's there all the time and it's usually Progressive House or Break Beats. This was the first time I was in there where I did not enjoy what I was hearing. But I was there less than a half hour. The music may have picked up after I departed.

Anonymous said...

Still..makes you wonder why anyone would play that kind of music in that setting on a Saturday Night. Chill only works in a very specific setting and that's not it.

Brian said...

" This DJ was playing some kind of Downtempo music which no one could and no one was dancing to."
sounds like DJ Drew! that used to spin in Mannequins in the early days! I don't know how he keep his job back then! he would play some really crappy stuff! nobody that went out liked him or his music! the regulars and the staff didn't care for him! they did move him to 8TRAX! thankfully!