Friday, May 27, 2011

Club Reports: RS, TG, RCC & ADH

First stop last night was Rising Star in CityWalk. I'm not a fan whatsoever of Karaoke however it does fascinate me how RS always has a line to get in and the seating gets full. And it's the only karaoke place I know that gives singers a couple of pretty backup dancers and, on most nites, a live band!
There's never a shortage of people waiting to take their turn. But let's move on to the dance clubs!
It was 80's Night at The Groove with DJ Big Daddy King (Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, Motion) pumping out the songs everybody knows. And in a real ode to 8TRAX, even heard a Saturday Night Fever 70's song in there! I think they'd draw larger crowds if more 70's Disco & Funk was mixed in with the 80's.
It must have been "Happy Bride To Be" Night at The Groove as this couple was having an Engagement Party.
And in this corner we had a Bachelorette Party.
And over in this corner another Bachelorette Party!
Good-sized crowd on hand too. Large crowds expected this weekend for Memorial Day with Electric Daisy Carnival not expected to impact the more tourist-oriented clubbers that go to CityWalk.
Red Coconut Club had a rather meager crowd while the band was playing but that quickly changed to a large crowd of dancers when DJ G-Clef (BET Soundstage, Motion, Celebrate Tonight) came on at midnight!
Always an interesting mix of people in here dancing to mostly Hip Hop and Top 40.
The club's manager confirms that RCC is not closing to become a comedy club! Someone had posted on the internet a few months ago that two CW clubs were closing but that is absolutely not the case! They are all profitable venues including Bob Marley's which several in the past have told me is a cash cow.
Cupid Shuffle with a view!!
Meanwhile over at Atlantic Dance Hall, DJ Frankie (Frankie & The West End Boys, West End Stage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club) was mixing mostly Top 40.
The facility had a few dancers on the floor but it's a hard place to fill due to the large size.
ADH is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort; parking and admission are free. Closed Sunday-Mondays.


DamnMouse72 said...

Hey Bob...Rising Star has a live band Tuesday through Saturdays. Just karaoke (with MC and back up singers) on Sundays and Mondays. Hope to be at EDC tonight and tomorrow night, will be looking forward to your updates... Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Even if RCC was changing to something, they wouldn't tell anyone outside of Universal until it was time to go public.

I hope it stays RCC; I'd like to play there again's a fun place.

KingBob said...

I'll put in a good word for you! But I've not run into AJ in months.