Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EDC Update: Stages Map UPDATED

Electric Daisy Carnival has released the official map for this Friday and Saturday's event. You can see the placement of the four stages where all the DJ's (and a few bands) will be performing. All are in close proximity to each other!  CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE
The kineticFIELD main stage is in Tinker Field itself. It is located is left center field facing the first base line rather than directly facing the grandstand. Most people will occupy space in the grassy outfield or infield however some will have to stand on the infield dirt area. Per the map, looks like the VIP area is to the side of the stage rather than directly in front of it!

Looking closer at the kineticFIELD main stage with lots of lighting still to be installed.

Close up view of the DJ performance area of the kineticFIELD main stage.

This is the circuitGROUNDS stage or Stage B located at McCracken Field directly across from Tinker Field. As this is a sports field, it is entirely grass. A lot of the Dubstep DJ's will be playing from here.

Directly adjacent to McCracken Field is Stage D known as neonGARDEN. As this is normally a parking lot, it is paved and likely to be rather toasty before the sun sets. Many of Orlando's local favorites such as Icey, BabyAnne, Heavygrinder, Chris B and Andy Hughes will be performing here.
Stage C or the bassPOD is located in the far corner of the event. This too is a paved parking lot. The DJ mix back here is all types of music See some of you out at EDC!!

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Anonymous said...

MEMO TO DISNEY EXECS: Please advise why, although you have closed all clubs on your property due to lack of interest/suport/attendance???, there will be 10 gazillion people attending a dance concert this weekend in Orlando!!! You guys had one of the best dance clubs in the country, Mannequins, and you threw it away. You should be soooooooo ashamed!