Sunday, May 1, 2011

Club Reports: One80, Bliss, Independent Bar

Beautiful spring evening in O-town; what better way to spend it than checking out the scenery from the 180 Grey Goose Lounge atop Amway Center!
DJ John Campisano playing some softer House music on the outside deck and then cranking it up as the place got more crowded.
The ambiance is all very upscale. Leave those jeans with your boxers hanging out back home.
The indoor bar is very cool too with colors ever-changing.
180 refers to the view overlooking the city. Even I-4 is romantic up here! (Well, maybe not.)
Then it's on to Bliss Ultra Lounge for pure, unadulterated House and Dance music.
DJ Mickey Bono (K5, Beat Thrillerz, RadioDanz,, Florida Beat Radio) at the helm on Saturday and Thursday nights. You'll never see him in the same shirt twice.
Females take over the dance floor around 11:30-ish.
It does eventually become more integrated.
Shiny disco balls!
No Saturday night downtown is complete without I-Bar.
DJ Stache was churning out early to mid 80's New Wave/Old Wave for most of the night.
The floor was jammed all night, even when the lights came on after 2:30am!
A real plus at I-Bar is the wide range of ages that come in on Saturday nights. That's comforting for us old folks!
And yes, even here, shiny disco balls!


Anonymous said...

whats up with all the shiny disco balls!

Roger said...
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KingBob said...

Just pointing out that disco balls hanging from the ceiling in clubs is not just a 70's thing; they're still around nearly everywhere today.