Sunday, May 8, 2011

Club Reports: Bliss, Zen & Independent Bar

Nothing too exciting to report from downtown Orlando last night as I did not stray from the usual.

Bliss Ultra Lounge, Saturday Night Live, DJ Mickey Bono. Broadcast worldwide on Florida Beat Radio.
Just about always a line to get in.
And just about always packed inside to the Mannequins-style House/Dance music mix.
Second visit to the new Zen Exotic Lounge & Club.
DJ Blaze at the controls of the House & Dance format played from an incredible sound system. They could steal some customers from other downtown clubs but just one problem.....
.....No one knows about the place. They're going to need to find a way to get the word out otherwise the club will join the list of failed predecessors that were located here.
Very cool upstairs VIP space too.
So then it was over to Independent Bar to cap off the night.
DJ Smilin' Dan controlling the 80's New Wave/Old Wave music format on a Saturday night.

It was crowded but less than some Saturday nights. But great music and cheap drink prices make for a good time.

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