Saturday, May 14, 2011

Club Reports: Bikkuri Sushi Lounge, Orchid, 11/12 Lounge

Entered from these nondescript doors located at 1919 E. Colonial Drive and home to Bikkuri Sushi, who would guess that there is a night club in there? KingBob on the loose on a Friday night in Orlando, trying to find new venues!
But as soon as you come in and head for the stairs, the beat can't be missed. It's the every second Friday Lost In Trancelation night featuring multiple DJ's including (pictured) DJ Agni & DJ Cyberion Soundz.
The small club has the most incredible light walls in Orlando, they pulsate different colors to the music!
Featuring Trance on this night, there are a lot of songs recognized from Mannequins. Was there relatively early last night but a continuous stream of patrons were coming in and I would guess that by midnight the place would be pretty packed. Will definitely be returning in the future!
Orchid Lounge in Maitland is a brand new club located inside the new restaurant Ran-Getsu.
Very upscale feel to the club which gets jammed for after work happy hour but really thins out as midnight approaches.
Very cool color-changing wall here too and a large dance floor which was empty by the time of my visit. The club features DJ's spinning House music. If you want your club to be considered upscale, apparently you play House and not that other stuff! Will make sure my next visit is earlier in the evening.
Located on Lee Road just west of I-4, the 11/12 Lounge has been home to many venues over the years. In fact, the last time I was in there, it was the Sweden House Smorgasbord!
But what a great place it is now on Friday nights as the Visage Reunion crowd has taken over featuring the musical talents of DJ Paul Vaine (Visage, Lyrica).
I was surprised to run into so many of the clubbers I recognize or know from Saturday nights at Independent Bar in downtown Orlando.
Paul Vaine oversees the music and dance floor in the club's main room. There are a lot of 80's New Wave/Old Wave songs similar to I-Bar Saturday nights but also a lot of newer darker tunes that Vaine describes as what he would be playing at Visage right now if Visage was still in business.
Meanwhile there is a side room where DJ Stefan (Independent Bar) and others were playing hard core Industrial.
The lighting in the club is so minimal it is literally dangerous to walk around without carefully looking where you're stepping! And hard to get pictures with my trusty Canon.
If you plan to visit, be sure to wear black so that you can blend in! Awesome place!

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