Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CityWalk Update: Brazilian Steakhouse Coming

The upstairs in Latin Quarter is going Brazilian! Brazilian Steakhouse, that is. Apparently the Latin Quarter Restaurant (and night club) will remain downstairs but the upstairs has undergone extensive renovations in order to open next month as a separate restaurant. For a set price, diners will have access to flame-grilled meats that are brought to the table by roving servers and hand-carved to your specifications. This is a good move as Brazilian-style steakhouses are at a peak in popularity right now and the upstairs LQ space has gone wasted for years! I don't have a working name for the venue just yet but the one located at CityWalk at Universal Hollywood is called Samba. Since Orlando already has a Samba Room restaurant, that name seems unlikely. Interesting that CityWalk can get a new large restaurant while Pleasure Island apparently can't. Maybe this is because Universal is opening the restaurant it wants rather than trying to find a third-party to do it.
A new sign outside Red Coconut Club is pushing some of the tapas available there every evening. During the week RCC doesn't even open until 8pm so this is for the post-dinner crowd looking for some bites. Different items are pictured on the other side of the sign. Check it out!
I'm sure this is where Mannequins fans will be this Saturday night; the Reggae Celebration at Bob Marley's. Not! Nonetheless, I'm told Bob Marley's is a cash cow for Universal CityWalk!


zulemara said...

< criticizing the critics >
I'd like to point out that yet another rumor Bob posted(if memory serves) has turned true, and it's not about PI AND it's not about a glimmer of hope of opening the clubs at PI
< /criticizing the critics >

ReelJustice said...

For those keeping score today, that's City Walk 2 Downtown Disney 0

Mini-Golf and a steakhouse!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and NOT about PI!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. That might just blow the budget so expect not much of a rehab at other clubs.. but, it's a good movie on UNI's part. They know that Disney has given up on anyone over 14 years of age and they are GOING AFTER that market big time!!!

GO UNI!!!!

71 said...

I think the lesson Universal has learned from Harry Potter is that it takes money to make money. As Bob said, these types of places are on the upswing right now, I see this being very popular--it just took a company with the confidence to make an investment, rather than fishing for a third party to do it for them.

Anonymous said...

NOT about PI!!!!!

KingBob said...

The Blog covers other things besides just PI.