Saturday, May 7, 2011

AAHZ Decade X Coming To Orlando

DJ's Kimball Collins (Peacock Room) & Dave Cannalte (Mannequins) return to center stage on Saturday, June 18th as they present AAHZ Decade, a tribute to Orlando's AAHZ Night Club from back in the 90's. On Thanksgiving Eve 2009 they presented the AAHZ Reunion and on the same night in 2010 they held an AAHZ Encore. Now comes a summer event, AAHZ Decade X! DJ's Chris Fortier and Sam Mollison are joining in for this event which is taking place at Firestone Live. There are always a lot of Mannequins people attending these AAHZ events so it comes with an official KingBob thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

So happy they included Chris Fortier this time. I remeber Chris playing at AAHZ, The Edge, and Marz to name a few. Does anyone remember Chris playing at Breakfast Club or Barbarellas?

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Ibar called Barbarellas?