Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PI Update: Day Turns Into Night at DTD

Day and night, there are lots of new things going on at Downtown Disney. Here is an update. In the above photo we see the expansion taking place at the Lego Imagination Center. The place is going to be huge and I can't hardly wait! This, and Legoland opening too this fall in Polk County! Legomania!!
Yes, Adventurers Club and Soundstage are still there and no sign of demolition walls......yet.
Ridemakerz, open for about a year now in the former home of Virgin Megastore and the Princess Diana Museum, is supposedly closing but no one can say for certain if it's going to reopen elsewhere in DTD.

Dropping in at Planet Hollywood to visit with DJ Tony Z (Atlantic Dance Hall) playing Top 40 to the diners. A steady stream of paper napkins make their way to the booth with requests. Justin Bieber again?!!

Across the way, Little Missmatched and Mickey's Groove have closed. Orlando Harley Davidson will be moving into this prime corner location and away from the turmoil on beautiful Pleasure Island. As you can see, LMM is moving to the Marketplace but Mickey's Groove is never more.

Construction walls are down and new doors are up at the AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theater, featuring a new Dine-in format. The signs still refer to 24 screens. The Blog was first with the announcement that they were dropping Pleasure Island from the name in favor of Downtown Disney however our source indicated a reduction in screens to 20 as they combined some rooms. That apparently did not happen.

Speaking of beautiful Pleasure Island, you can have the night time of your life by simply crossing the bridge onto the Island and into the West End Ultra Lounge.

Paradiso 37 had a singer out on their waterfront patio. I love the food here and often they have prerecorded techno/dance tracks playing inside. Eat to the beat.

The magicians are long-gone but they still have the same two human statutes entertaining passers by. So there you have it; the latest happenings at Downtown Disney.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully pretty soon we'll get the clubs fixed up and reopened.
Come on guys let's get things reopened so the adults can drink dance and party.

71 said...

Hey Bob, just a random observation from the other night...

Remember when the "outdoor ultralounge" opened? The really nice, high-end black wicker patio furniture?

I see it's been replaced with molded plastic. Straight outta Big Lots. I guess the ultralounge got "Wal-Marted".

KingBob said...

Hmmmm, had not noticed that. I'll have to compare some early photos I took versus newer photos.