Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Internet Dance Radio Options With Orlando Connections

Looking for great music on the internet? There are many good ones out there but these three stand out not only because of the excellent music quality but also because of their connections to Orlando. RadioDanz.com is the oldest of the three internet stations and even at that it's only about 3 years old. Based in South Beach/Miami, the station plays Dance/House around the clock. But Friday and Saturday evenings belong to the DJ's when a continuous stream of the best of them play one hour sets. And of the 17 DJ sets presented each week, 3 of them hail from Orlando! Fridays at 9pm it's DJ Mickey Bono from Bliss Ultra Lounge, Saturdays at 10pm it's DJ Leony from Heat and Latin Quarter and Saturdays at 11pm it's DJ Smooth from CityWalk/Universal Resort. http://www.radiodanz.com
Party95.com is less than one year old and it's based on the spirit of the old Orlando Dance station, 95.3Party. This is the most unique of the three stations listed here because it's nearly all about Florida and particularly Orlando-based DJ's. DJ's Mickey Bono and Smooth bring their mix shows here as well but you can also hear unique offerings from DJ Andy Hughes, DJ X-Andy, and Cyberian Soundz. Add to that Tampa DJ's Chris Craze and Mondo and the Space Coast's Jennifer Marley, you have an awesome lineup of music. And each DJ brings their own style which means the sound is not uniform 24/7. http://www.party95.com
The newcomer on the block and already doing a great job is Florida Beat Radio, the brainchild of Orlando-based DJ Smooth. He's taken every mix show he's ever done (and he did a bunch back in the day on XM's BPM) and add in mixes from other DJ's plus live broadcasts on Thursday and Saturday nights from Bliss Ultra Lounge and you've got one really attractive assortment of music 24/7. The station is fully automated although Smooth will drop in and do some live mixing and announcements from time-to-time! http://www.floridabeatradio.com


Dj Smooth said...

Thanks much for the post. I would like to point out one thing. When deciding to do the radio station, one of the main reasons was a selfish one. I wanted something I could listen to in the car that I like. Nothing against Danz or Party95.com, but they don't play the "real" stuff like I do. What you hear on the station IS my Dj library and it's deeeeeeeep. I do not believe in the tradition radio station format and I play stuff on Florida Beat Radio that you'd never hear on another station, not even a "dance" station on the internet. Look at the tag line for FBR; "the sound of the club 24 hours a day." That's really what I'm going for...stuff you'd hear in Cocoon in Ibiza at any time of the day or night.

Just wanted to point that out.

KingBob said...

I can confirm that Smooth's play list is VERY deep. Appreciate you sharing the reasoning behind your new station.