Monday, April 25, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival Takes First Price Increase

High demand for tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando has led to the first price increase for the event with standard tickets going up from $99 to $109 for the entire 2-day event. That's still a great price. Single day tickets have now been released though with standard tickets at $60. Here is the line-up of DJ's that we've been able to piece together so far with more likely on the way:

DAY 1 - FRIDAY, MAY 27TH: Tiƫsto, Afrojack, Gabriel & Dresden, Dirty South, Skrillex, Goldie, 12th Planet, Downtin, Porter Robinson, Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon, Craze, Klever, Castle.
DAY 2 - SATURDAY, MAY 28TH: Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, Benny Benassi, Markus Schultz, Morgan Page, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Datsik, Dirtyphonics, Feed Me, Claude van Stroke, Beardyman, AK1200.

This will be the largest Electronic Dance Music Festival to ever hit Orlando and it will be taking place at Tinker Field outside the Citrus Bowl Stadium. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting songs that you're sure to recognize from many of these DJ's!


Anonymous said...

I know that this for many is going to be fun! I paid 56 for a years pass to PI and had MORE fun than anything and club i have ever been! that is WAY too much for me!
I think 15 for ONE night is pushing it!
I look at it this was just say 60 for a year go out every friday and saturday nights for that year and it costs me 1.73 a Night! and I had one heck of a night and if didn't oh well! there was next time!
(not counting gas money & drinks)

Anonymous said...

The PI pass was a great deal but PI ain't no more. Even if they somehow reopen something there would have to be an admission charge and its gonna be more than $1.73 a night to stay in business.

Anonymous said...

OK sorry I was talking JUST about the cover charge! PI MADE there money on drink sales!
OK i am to understand $109 to just get in for 2 nights? then have to buy my drinks for what 20 for mixed and 10 for beer?
and yes We all know PI is gone! I was trying to make a point here
OK let me go this way then
clubs D-TOWN some are free some 5-10 (I think) to get in! so WHY would i want to pay for this event! when i can hear the same stuff in these clubs D-TOWN? and or one night for DJ icey, Baby anne are 15 DJ x and others a night!
sorry just a waste! if you ask me!
unless there is free drinks al night long and more then ONE bartender there~!

KingBob said...

I think you both make valid points. For the first Anon, you will definitely find it cheaper to get into free clubs or pay $5-$10 cover charges to hear DJ's playing music. No question. For the second Anon, you too are correct. For a night club to stay in business, it has to make revenue be it a cover charge or selling drinks or both.

I can argue that $109 is a bargain too for the concert. Tiesto played at UCF last year and I believe a ticket for him alone was around $70. And for the DJ's who are appearing, attendees are seeing them perform LIVE. And it's an event; you're not only paying for those performing you're part of a greater show that includes thousands of other people.

But to each their own. Everyone makes their own call as to what they're willing to pay for and what they find a bargain. If you draw the line at going to clubs, I can't argue with you. Some may draw the line at just buying the CD and staying home and not even going out!

zulemara said...

< personal opinion, hopes, dreams, and a little speculation(more just hoping though) >
well I bought VIP and I'm praying Guetta signs and comes since he has no tour dates listed on his website over that weekend yet AND has signed on with EDC Las Vegas. Just maybe my hopes will be fulfilled. Either way I do not regret my decision to buy VIP. It's gonna be a killer concert
< /personal opinion, hopes, dreams, and a little speculation(more just hoping though) >

Brian said...

I paid the same for a pass to PI (Mannequins) and spent $50 or $60 a night in Mannequins so they made there money off of me for sure at Mannequins (PI) and I went out about the same amount of times as the 1st Guy/Girl in the 1st and 3rd comment! some times even more!

I think Disney should have made it 5 for the whole island (clubs) cover charge is not where you make your money Drinks are!

Think about it if you have 5 people paying $20 to get in and they buy $50 in drinks total is &350
now lets say 10 people go at $5 per person and they buy $50 in drinks total is $525! that is $175 more! and that is just 5 compared to 10
think of 500 compared to 1000 now and the money goes way UP!!
just saying!

ClubMaster said...

I found the best price for this event, FREE!! Now I know what your all thinking i am going to jump the fence and sneak in, but I just found out that I will be working the event as Security for the Main stage, so I wont need a ticket, best news for me ever!

KingBob said...

Brian, club pricing like many businesses is a skill. Making things free can draw in the wrong crowd while pricinig too high keeps people away who would otherwise make purchases.

ClubMaster, hope you'll do a good job keeping freeloaders from jumping that fence! I'll be looking for you.