Saturday, April 2, 2011

Club Reports: Circa & Backbooth

Return visit last night to Circa Lounge on Park Avenue in downtown Winter Park. It's located upstairs above the Circa 1926 restaurant.
DJ C-Money was at the controls playing a wide mix of everything from Top 40, House, Hip Hop, Dance, 80's and even Latin. He says they make him play more Techno on Fridays than he has to on Saturdays but he said it like it was a bad thing! Not!!
The club was not crowded but there were decent numbers and the dance floor was nearly always full.
Not a lot of detail in this picture but I wanted to show the cool curtain-lit columns located throughout the venue.
I needed to head to the second club I was planning to visit however his string of Dance songs that I know from Sirius/XM BPM kept me from budging; it was just too good to leave!
Interesting mix of people at Circa; older on Friday nights but younger on Saturday nights when more Hip Hop gets played and the Rollins College girls come over. $5 cover and drinks are expensive; this is Park Avenue after all. The AMTRAK station is across the street if you want to come by train!
It was then time to move from downtown Winter Park to downtown Orlando for Backbooth. The club plays different formats each night but Friday nights at midnight is Footloose 80's Video Night.
Adam Wright is the DJ for this event and the music is impressive. Where Independent Bar up the road plays early 80's New Wave, the music at Backbooth is a mix of music from throughout the 80's and I even spotted a couple 1990 tunes mixed in. So you can hear Men Without Hats but also hear Wham and MJ.
The place was jammed.
Bands perform on certain nights on that stage in back but dancers get to use it for Footloose night.
Most of the music has 80's videos to go along with it as the DJ oversees the action from up high.
I will be adding this club night to the 8TRAX section of sister blog No cover charge for this event.


ClubMaster said...

Also check out the re grand opening of amphitheater in yhbor city, looks like April 16th its reopens! Cant wait! Be nice to get a club report about that club!

KingBob said...

Amphitheater actually reopens on April 15th with German DJ Markus Schulz. DJ Icey will be on the 16th.