Saturday, April 30, 2011

Club Report: Suite B Lounge (Davie's Angels)

While the Los Angeles Angels were over in St. Petersburg last night playing the Rays, Davie's Angels were in Orlando last night playing Breaks and House and Dance. The talented female disk jockey trio opened Suite B Lounge with Orlando's-own DJ Heather Collins!
The early crowd was dancing all over the place.
I typically run into some Mannequins people in here but not so last night.
I mentioned this in my club report last month that Heather only plays real records off real turntables. We don't see her enough in local clubs!
The crowd continued to grow as patrons from nearby club Vain wandered in.
After a little over an hour, Heather turned the controls over to Tampa's DJ Bella.
Using CD's and playing mostly Break Beats, there were other recognizable songs in the mix too.
The resident dancer kept things interesting.
Cool. DJ Bella plays all over the country.
And it got even more crowded in there. Don't forget to order yourself a Code Red shot.
The final angel of the evening was Palm Bay's DJ Jennifer Marley (, taking over the decks around 1am.
While Marley's music too was mostly Breaks, she opened with a classic dance hit from back in the day that caught everyone by surprise and had the crowd go crazy!

No laptop computer here! You can hear Jennifer Marley sets Monday-Friday from 6pm-10pm on She often includes guest DJ mixes such as the one by DJ Peapod of Mannequins back in February.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see them rocking the vinyl and a strange looking Numark mixer.

KingBob said...

Don't know much about it but all the DJ's were using it so have to assume it belongs to the club. Looks a bit older.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't touch Numark if you made me. ;)

It's cheap and you get what you pay for. My mobile rig has Pioneer decks and a Rane Empath mixer.

Good to see them using vinyl. That's something the kiddie wanna be Djs these days have no idea about. Helps to separate the women from the girls I guess.

KingBob said...

Readers: Davie's Angels return to Suite B Lounge on Friday night, May 27th.