Saturday, April 30, 2011

Club Report: Club Zen Exotic Lounge

The carcasses of clubs that have occupied this location on Pine Street are piled high. Blue Room, Red Velvet, Voyage' and most recently Deja Vu Ultra Lounge. Thus I kind of chuckled when I saw yet another club was going to give it a try. The new Club Zen Exotic Lounge is now open and........I was impressed! Using "Oriental" as a theme, the club has what few others have....a theme. Jason the DJ was pumping out one House/Dance song after another taking advantage of an incredible sound system that's been installed. Using a new entryway that predecessors did not have, you're immediately drawn into the theme and directed down stairs into the main room which has one large bar and a dance floor that is not segregated from other standing areas. Dancing girls on platforms get things moving and with two of those platforms in the club's windows, passersby both on foot and in cars take notice. If they advertise the place and keep the great music, Zen has a great chance! (Note to Readers: The new club has..........shiny disco balls!)


zulemara said...

< MDP memory> drugs, rock and roll, bad ass vegas hoes, shiny disco balls! < /MDP memory>

clubmaster said...

i think after vegas hoes is late night.

Anonymous said...

and as far my Mannequins memory i never say drugs! and in the 1st GOOD years there where NO DISCO BALLS
there was the 90's version the upside down Mannequins that had the tiny mirrors on them in strips not all over! now that was the NEW Disco balls!