Sunday, April 10, 2011

Club Report: Bliss Ultra Lounge (DJ Cato K)

Bliss Ultra Lounge, downtown Orlando on Saturday nights, the best club in Orlando with resident DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz,, Florida Beat playing 100% House and Dance to a psyched-up crowd!
The club could use some fancier lighting and effects but the Saturday night format is what Mannequins fans are seeking and if you're not down here you are really missing out! Bono knows the latest dance hits and plays them one after another! A CO2 cannon would be a great addition.
The dance floor gets increasingly jammed as the evening progresses.
I really thought she liked me!
This Bud's for you! I'll drink to that.
A little after midnight guest DJ Cato K (Sirius/XM BPM, WPYM Party93.1 Miami, WPYO 95.3Party Orlando), took over the controls and did not skip a beat!
The Dance/House mix continued and perhaps got a little more Housey as the night went on. Awesome!
Plenty of scenery throughout the club, which seems to draw more gurls than guys overall but what's wrong with that?

Bliss has a different music format on other nights but Saturdays belong to high energy EDM.They add a big-name guest DJ about once per month.


Anonymous said...

The budweiser girl looks "poured" into that dress.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bob....we had a great night. Music was pumping and bodies were rockin..It was a nice surprise seeing you there. Beth and I had a fabulous time....Tonight...Amp Tampa...WOOOHOOOOO