Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Weekend In Techno Town

Zip...nada...nothing. Everyone is down in Miami this weekend for Ultra Music Festival so not a lot going on around Orlando this weekend. But we had a busy week at the Save Pleasure Island Blog this week according to the Flag Counter. This past Tuesday 3,651 visitors came to check out the Pleasure Island blueprints and 2,684 of them were new visitors. Of the newbies, 417 were from outside the United States. Why would thousands of people from all over the world give a rat's ass about what's going down on Pleasure Island? Because that's how good it was.


Anonymous said...

From my point of view it seems that they're wondering where the nightlife is, I mean the new tourists.
Come on guys all the adults tourist old and new want some nightlife down in P.I. .
So now that the weather is starting to get warmer and the evenings are getting nicer, so reopen the clubs, so everyone can party!!
Surprise us and make us happy.

Anonymous said...

that is because these people where hoping that there where going to reopen some clubs!
I still say that if all that looked yesterday where to not stopped going to PI in the first place PI wouldn't have closed!
so we have all these people saying reopen some clubs but these same will not come anyway! so why? it's not that I am Happy that PI is gone but come on!

Joe said...

Maybe we can bring a "boombox" to Hyperbole and dance on the new lawn.

disneyecho said...

Before the Adventurers Club gets torn down to become a lawn, take a look at this incredible Adventurers Club 3D walkthrough: Kungaloosh!

Richie said...

ok people... Steve Angello.. Beacham.. This tuesday! Want to see everybody there..!