Monday, March 28, 2011

PI Update: Comparing Concept Art To Reality

Last fall Disney released 5 pieces of concept art giving a vision to the plans to convert Pleasure Island over to Hyperion Wharf at Downtown Disney. The piece above was an elevated view looking onto the Island from vantage point high above the #1 Bridge from Marketplace. By comparing the concept art to reality, we can try to get an idea of what the plans actually are.
Their very first construction project was last year's demolition of the old triple No. 1 Bridge with a new wider bridge. The purpose is to draw pedestrians shopping in Marketplace by making the walk more open and inviting. Both side spans of the new bridge feature metal panels which presumably helps water drain but perhaps serves other functions as well. You can see in the background to the far right how the width of the bridge suddenly ends by that sign plus planters that are already there.
Continuing onto Pleasure Island, the area between those existing planters and Fulton's Crab House  features an existing wood over concrete look. Looking at the concept art, we see the planters removed and a wider wood over concrete decking-look installed, home to about a dozen umbrella tables and chairs. Is this outdoor seating for Fulton's, for Portobello or for something else? Don't know yet.
This is the recently reconstructed Lily Pad area. The blueprints revealed here on the Blog last weeks shows some sort of compass design imprinted onto the concrete here. The concept art does not seem to show the compass but it does show numerous trees installed around the circle. The concept art also shows what appear to be two kiosks/permanent stands constructed along the PI Lagoon side of the Lily Pad, something the blueprints did not show. Since the blueprints were filed with the State last month, have to assume they are the most up-to-date representation of what's coming to Pleasure Island.


Anonymous said...

Sound like they have a "screwed up" mess over there to me.
When and if they get it all streigtened out hopefully they'll fix up Mannequines, 8Trax, and Comedy Warehouse for nightlife and partying for the adults.
You guys have had plenty of time already, so lets get some nightlife over there.

KingBob said...

Yes they do. But what form any future nightlife is going to take remains to be seen. Right now that seems to be limited to whatever they put down on that Amphitheater stage.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

KB - I was looking at the blueprint that you posted on 3/24. Why do you think they kept the details in Mannequines, 8Trax and the two other clubs but left the Harley store and CW empty? They also included the details of the new retail space by RR. I know the Harley store is moving but aren't changes planned for the other spaces as well? Those images seem a little weird.....

Anonymous said...

I think they kept the MDP and 8trax in the blue prints because that is the Disney stuff the others are 3rd party!