Friday, March 18, 2011

Club Reports: Pat O'Briens, Red Coconut Club, Latin Quarter, 80's Night at The Groove

Lots of action at Universal's CityWalk complex last night at Pat O'Brien's held their annual separately-ticketed celebration that brought in large crowds wearing green!
Lots of beads and lots of beer!
And a rock band to dance to.
Over at the Red Coconut Club, the Herb Williams Band was showing off their new female vocalist. A welcome and fine-looking new addition!
DJ G-Clef (BET Soundstage, Celebrate Tonight) was in the booth between band sets and after the band ended playing mostly Hip Hop and Top 40.
Considering how it's usually so jammed in here, it was surprisingly unjammed last night. Not so the other clubs though...........
DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM,, Heat) played to a very late-arriving crowd at Latin Quarter. I don't think it got crowded in there until close to midnight!

Plenty of green (and red) in here too!
Playing various Latin rhythms is to be expected in Latin Quarter. But it's the House sets that drive the crowd into a literal frenzy as it did last night. It got crazy in there! Leony spins Progressive House & Dance on his radio shows heard at 1am ET on Friday nights/Saturday mornings on BPM (XM81/Sirius 36) & at 10pm ET on Saturday nights on RadioDanz.
A big surprise at 80's Night at The Groove was the size of the crowd! It was Saturday night-type jammed in there!
It was very hard to move!
I haven't been to every 80's Night since they began it back in January 2009 shortly after 8TRAX closed, but I have been to a lot of them. And this was a record-sized crowd by my calculations. And I'm happy to report that he played a little late-70's Disco too, playing Abba's "Dancing Queen" at one point and later on Village People's "YMCA". Lots of cheers from the crowd for both!


Joe said... adults LIKE venues that perhaps are themed and/or play a theme of music, and maybe are children free?? Are you sure?

Maybe you're mistaken and they REALLY wish thegroove was actually an over-priced, themed restaurant or shop like they can find in any shopping mall.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I think you just said it all Joe!!!

DamnMouse72 said...

Hey Joe.... TOO FUNNY!! Yep, I think that's it... Maybe Universal will follow in Disney's footsteps now that they are SO SUCCESSFUL with the Island/Wharf/Shopping/Restaurant.... DISNEY IDIOTS!! It will change from City Walk to City Shopping..... Spring break, the parks are packed, and there is absolutley no Pleasure on the Island...Damn Mouse!!!!

EasyEddy said...

Should'of stepped inside Rising Star Karaoke. It was packed!

71 said...

Agree with the above, of course.

Out of curiosity, did Raglan even do a special event this year? Didn't hear a peep of advertising, don't recall seeing anything in the Weekly.

KingBob said...

Eddie, I walked by Rising Star several times but did not go in.

71, I did not see any advertising by Raglan Road but I'm sure they had some kind of celebration going on.