Saturday, March 12, 2011

Club Reports: Mr. Sisters, Nona Tap Room, Blue Moon Ultra Lounge

Save Pleasure Island roving reporter Thommy was out at new club Mr. Sisters to see what Friday nights are like there. As you can see, the place is jammed. The predominantly LGBT club located on East Colonial Drive (SR 50), it has taken Orlando by storm with its futuristic lighting and techno dance music!
The club is located in a former car dealership but they put those huge overhead doors to good use. When the weather is good, they open them to the large patio behind the building which overlooks a large lake!
Several television monitors keep the club's Facebook page open which makes those with internet enabled phones to post onto their page and have it appear immediately in front of them. And don't forget, bartender Dawn from Mannequins works here on Saturday nights!
Yours truly was also out expanding his horizons. Located in eastern Orlando, Nona Tap Room is just past Orlando International Airport on Narcoossee Road. This is really a neighborhood bar/restaurant, not a club.
And who do we find here but DJ Doc Wells (8TRAX, Atlantic Dance Hall, Red Coconut, 80's Night at The Groove). He plays here every Friday night and sometimes on Saturday nights. About once a month they have an 80's Night here too! We'll post the next time they have one.
The area near the DJ booth is the dance floor and the Top 40 format and a few drinks are conducive to getting people to use it.
No liquor license, there is wine and lots of beers on tap along with restaurant food.
Continuing exploits in eastern Orlando, Blue Moon Ultra Lounge is located on Alafaya Trail across from Waterford Lakes Shopping Center.
Came expecting some Top 40 and House music but instead got all Hip Hop and Booty from DJ Scarface.
Pretty impressive sound and light system in here, the club has a good vibe overall.
There was a girls to guys ratio of about 4:1 but very young as it's close to the UCF campus. I think the $10 cover charge is uncalled for in a student area like this and that they'd draw people away from places like Fubar and Knight Library with a more competitive price. Anyhow, now you know about some of the options out there on the east side of O-Town!


Brian said...

FYI Dawn works Saturday nights at MR SISTERS!

Anonymous said...

Dawn does still work there, but now she is on the patio bartending. she wasn't there last night because it was too cold to be outside. Mr Sister was rocking some awesome music. and it was packed as usual. Definitely the place to be.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what became of Doc. Groove isnt the same since he left.