Sunday, March 13, 2011

Club Reports: ADH, RCC & TG

A first Saturday night visit to Atlantic Dance Hall in many months last night. DJ Tony Z (Planet Hollywood) was at the helm for the generally small crowd in there on this first weekend of Spring Break.
There was actually quite a few people in the club but getting them onto the dance floor proved difficult until he played one that everyone could dance to in unison.
Tony Z replaced DJ Pat who had been the Saturday night DJ at ADH for around 13-years! Pat has apparently "retired" from the DJ business to pursue other endeavors.
He says the club was jammed Thursday night, dead Friday night and as we see, so so on Saturday night.
Atlantic Dance Hall is the only remaining Disney owned & operated dance club in Walt Disney World and is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. Admission and parking are free. The music format is generally Top 40 with some Hip Hop, Oldies and Dance thrown in.
Since Disney has thrown in the towel on night life, you have to go over to Universal CityWalk to find the crowds. Up in the booth of Red Coconut Club was DJ Raul who was churning out Top 40 and Hip Hop.
It was as jammed as I've ever seen it!
According to their sales brochure, RCC is where "tropical meets trendy". OK.
I had to ask DJ Willie (Pleasure Island) who he was because I didn't recognize him 1) with a hat on & 2) he was in the booth at The Groove, where I had never seen him before!
This place was as jammed as I've ever seen it too with both levels open.
 More Top 40 & Hip Hop in here as both RCC and TG play the same music formats.
But is there such a thing as progressive Hip Hop? OMG, he played a string of songs around 1:30am that were definitely Hip Hop but so extreme that many stopped dancing because they didn't know what to do with it. Renovations will be coming to the club later this year and we might finally see those old-fashioned television monitors, a hold-over from when the club first opened, disappear in favor of something modern.
A reminder that next Saturday night there will techno/dance/house music upstairs in The Blue Room with DJ Tillman. Everyone who complains about the music in The Groove needs to come out and support this event if they want to see it continue. There is no extra charge beyond regular club admission.


Dj Smooth said...

I'll at Bliss next Sat Night hanging out with Mickey and broadcasting him live on Dj Smooth Radio. I wish them luck with the House music thing at the Groove. Would be interesting to hear what tracks he's playing in there..

Brian said...

yes the Groove was fun last night!!! saw a few Mannequins people there!! yes and KingBob!!!

KingBob said...

Smooth, the technology that exists today that allows you to do something like that is incredible! But I'll be at The Blue Room to check that out and will thus miss your event.

Brian, good to see you and your friends at The Groove as well as some of the Motion crowd. Also saw several Mannequins people over at ADH earlier in the evening.

Anonymous said... more DJ Pat. Booooooooooo, I hope this means DJ Tony, ZDJ.

Bill said...

I generally enjoy the Groove, but there are times I would practically kill for 30 seconds of some kind of melody (in reference to your prog hip-hop remark.)

Gonna try and come out Saturday to support the Blue Room!