Saturday, March 5, 2011

Club Report: The Peacock Room (Kimball Collins)

After my visit to Suite B Lounge, a few minutes drive up the road brought me to The Peacock Room, another club where electronic music is no stranger.

DJ Kimball Collins has returned from another stint in Thailand to give Orlando his brand of House music.

At the Peacock one room houses the bar and then a separate room is where music acts perform.

The crowd in here was wall-to-wall but still plenty of room to dance.

I recognized several people from prior Kimball Collins concerts.

Mixing some vocal songs with mostly non-vocal, I did not recognize a single song he played but it didn't matter because because the beat kept everyone moving.

Collins confirmed that there will be another Aahz Reunion on Thanksgiving Eve at The Beacham (formerly Tabu Night Club) so mark your calendars now for Wednesday, November 23rd.

The night opened with DJ Andy Hughes which I missed since I was still downtown at that point. I have not seen Hughes perform since he was one of the opening DJ's for Tiƫsto at Hard Rock Live several years ago. Both Hughes and Collins should not be missed and I'll post future concert dates when I see them!

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