Sunday, March 20, 2011

Club Report: Blue Room Sessions at The Groove

Last night the second "Blue Room Session" took place in The Blue Room located upstairs inside The Groove at CityWalk in the Universal Orlando Resort. Pure, unadulterated House music was being pumped out by DJ Tillman (One80, Peacock Room).
Sometimes there was as few as 2 patrons in the room and maybe up to 30 at the max.
I arrived kind of late but counted 10 people from Mannequins at one time or another throughout the evening.
They had two VIP areas set-up which took away 80% of the seating available compared to last time. They did sell one of the two sections but I was thinking two VIP areas was overkill.
Lots of groups came and went throughout the night, some utilizing the bar and some simply turning around and leaving.
The music was great and the sound system enhanced. But here are my issues: 1) No signage. Unless you saw advertising here on the Blog or on DJ Tillman's page, you wouldn't have known about this. I'm sure some of the downstairs patrons would have come in if they knew this was going on.  2) Because it was unmarked, a lot of people approached and turned-around, thinking it was a private party. 3) At peak times the A/C system could not keep up and it got really warm in there.
This is what it looked like downstairs for the Top 40 remixes and Hip Hop being played by DJ King (Motion, BET Soundstage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club). Very tourist-oriented, this is how it's become since Pleasure Island closed and Disney sent night life away. The Groove has to figure out a way to get some small percentage of people downstairs, upstairs!


Anonymous said...

I stayed for awhile but it was hard to resist all the people down stairs.

Anonymous said...

was he playing the deep underground type stuff or was he playing the Afrojack/Kaskade/Martin Solveig type house? that would make all the diff in the world..