Thursday, February 17, 2011

PI Update: Turkey Legs

It was a beautiful February afternoon today in Orlando with temps near 80F-degrees. So what better place to enjoy the great outdoors than beautiful Pleasure Island.
With RRBC and Motion now gone, there's not much left to see when peering over the demolition walls.

Considering the speed at which they demolished the two clubs, the pace now seems much more subdued although I'm sure they're working hard each night.
One can see that the goal now is cleaning up the site and make it ready for the next phase which apparently includes a waterfront concrete amphitheater in the area where RRBC used to stand and some sort of fast food restaurant in the area where RRBC and Motion used to come together.
You have to take the good with the bad. While we don't have Mannequins and 8TRAX to party in any longer, we never had turkey legs on Pleasure Island either! And rumor has it that turkey legs will be one of the food items available at that fast food kiosk. The Mouse taketh away, but he also giveth.
We've been discussing waste removal from Raglan Road and Portobello once their current rear service area is removed to make way for the new main pathway from Marketplace into Hyperion Wharf. I wondered how Paradiso deals with the same situation so today I spoke to managing partner Leland Lewis. He says they have a large refrigerated cooler in the restaurant dedicated solely to the collection of waste. Then at night, after the Island closes, multiple portable containers are transported to various waste collection points elsewhere in Downtown Disney. They are allowed to do this during the day too if the need arises. We can speculate that this is how the other restaurants will deal with their waste as well.


Anonymous said...

It's good about the turkey legs,but where's the night life and the partying?
Hopefully Mannequines & 8Trax will reopen and maybe will reopen as well, so come on guys the adults want to have a good time and party.

P.S. It's a shame it's a new year and Summer is coming and no nightlife.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

"The Mouse taketh away, but he also giveth." - Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Get your act together Disney, you can do classy and fun nightlife.

KingBob said...

Jeff, I think you're the only one who consistently gets my humor!