Monday, February 21, 2011

Concert Report: KC & The Sunshine Band

Being the 8TRAX fan that I am, there was no way I was passing up KC & The Sunshine Band's live appearance in the Mardi Gras series of concerts at Universal Studios Florida last night!

KC opened with (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty followed by Boogie Shoes from the Saturday Night Fever album. Stopping to chat with the audience, he displayed a self-depreciating sense of humor; acknowledging his recent weight-gain from having stopped smoking, he denied the band's name was being changed to KFC and The Sunshine Band! Having just turned 60, he told younger audience members who wondered who the heck he was, he said his band was the "NSync" of its day and he was what Justin Timberlake was going to look like thirty years from now!

The place was absolutely jammed!

Perhaps only one or two other people in the current band were even born back in the day when KC turned out all those hits! But older backup vocalist Maria de Crescenzo (far left) was looking mighty-fine!

The great thing about late 70's & early 80's 8TRAX music is that it transcends ages. Every age group know the songs and the words. It's why The Groove needs to add late 70's to it's Thursday 80's Night. Everyone was singing out in unison as KC sang Keep It Coming Love, Please Don't Go and Give It Up!

At his age he don't move like he used to but he definitely was trying. Classic fun music. Check out the band if they're playing in your area!


Anonymous said...

I saw K.C. a few years ago I thought they were good, it was a great concert.
I frankly thought the B52's were great they gave a great show.

KingBob said...

Tried to catch the end of the B52's concert but they had ended well-before 9:30pm. Must have been a short one!