Sunday, February 13, 2011

Club Reports: The Groove & Latin Quarter

When Universal Studios is doing concerts as part of their Mardi Gras series, you can count on packed crowds at CityWalk. Such was the case last night at The Groove which had the upstairs open, a long line at the door all night and a packed dance floor.
DJ King (RRBC, BET Soundstage, Motion) was in the booth and in addition to the expected Hip Hop and pre-packaged Mashups, he played enough House/Dance that even I was happy!

It was one of those hard to move around nights; lots of spilled drinks on the floor! The Groove manager Ian told me that next Saturday night they're putting a DJ upstairs in the Blue Room who will be spinning House music. It's an experiment to see if it can draw a crowd. Awesome idea!

Spotted: Marty & Phoebe (8TRAX)

Latin Quarter was no less crazy as DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM, Radio skillfully wove House/Dance music sets into the expected Latin genre's. 

The main dance floor stayed full all night but when the Techno came on, it really became jammed!

Spotted: Bachelorette party Mouseketeers are so frustrated with the lack of nightlife options at Walt Disney World that even they have made the switch over to CityWalk!


Anonymous said...


zulemara said...

it's about time they decide to try more techno. It is long overdue and they should see the rising demand!

Anonymous said...

LOVE City Walk!! Thanks Universal!! Sorry Disney, your loss!!

KingBob said...

Would like to see many of you come out to the Blue Room this Saturday night to support this mini-effort at House music. The more that come, the more viable it is. Thanks!

zulemara said...

I work disney sat night, but if I'm off soon enough(I think I am) I will be glad to come and show my support

Patrick said...

Bob is correct, it will take local support for this to work. The Groove is primarily tourists and they're not likely to support House music (please don't call it Techno..that's a completely different and very unique form of EDM) because they don't know it or understand it. They'll want to hear what they hear on the radio and other such outlets.

It is a Top 40 club so keep that in mind. By the way, Universal does read this blog; I know that for a fact.

KingBob said...

Like House, Dance, Trance, Breaks, etc, it's true that Techno is its own style of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). However, to be fair, the layperson knows all EDM simply as "techno music". And they would not be wrong. The Inuit have more than 25 words for "snow" as they can differentiate many different types whereas we just call it "snow".